Pushing Innovation


Physical real-time simulation of ADAS sensors

For automated and real-time capable test of ADAS control unit functions the simulation environment DYNA4 provides a new method of physical sensor simulation. Cost-effective standard PC computers with graphics cards can be used to perform the simulations.


System Simulation

Audi: Enterprise simulation environment for energy management in the vehicle

Achieving efficient energy management for the entire Audi vehicle fleet is a cross-department challenge. Many of the questions relating to analysis and optimization can only be answered with the use of simulation.



Vehicle simulation environment DYNA4

The new release DYNA4 2.6 contains a wide range of 3D visualization functions, updated compatibility and optimized framework workflows.


Commercial Vehicles

Bombardier PRIMOVE electric city bus

Validation through simulation: TESIS DYNAware used simulation to test the interaction between the vehicle dynamics and the electric propulsion system in extreme conditions.