Pushing Innovation


Trailer simulation

TESIS DYNAware products and services support the release process of trailer stabilization functions using HiL technology. A huge variety of vehicle-trailer combinations can be validated with automated virtual driving tests.



ARAI: Development of a semi-active suspension

ARAI India together with TESIS DYNAware present an SAE paper explaining the simulation based development of a semi-active suspension control. The challenge: Maximization of vehicle safety as well as ride comfort.



DYNA4 2.5: Flexible simulation environment for result-oriented workflow

Tailor the simulation workflow exaclty to your needs using the project and environment settings. Create your own context menus and make use of user defined signals in a smooth application workflow.



Physical real-time simulation of ADAS sensors

For automated and real-time capable test of ADAS control unit functions the simulation environment DYNA4 provides a new method of physical sensor simulation. Cost-effective standard PC computers with graphics cards can be used to perform the simulations.