Pushing Innovation


More reliability and stability of the vehicle's electrical system

The design of a reliable electrical system for vehicles is becoming more challenging. Using simulation, issues can be identified early in the design process. Benefit from our experience and get supported by a customized package of services and software across the spectrum of electrical system simulation.



Audi: Determining the effect of signal errors on the complete vehicle level

The number of different control unit functions and their interactions is continuously increasing. With a customized DYNA4 simluation environment Audi analyzes the effect of faulty input signals on the complete vehicle.



DYNA4 2.4: Simulation environment with new teamwork functions

The new release provides additional features for collaborative engineering, more performance for hardware-in-the-loop applications, optimized animation and support for current software and hardware environments.



Full ahead with enthusiasm!

TU Munich's Alumni magazin KontakTUM takes a look at TESIS DYNAware's company history and presents the versatile academic commitment of company founder Dr. Cornelius Chucholowski.