Pushing Innovation


Neural networks for semi-active suspension control

The example of a semi-active suspension control system based on artificial neural networks (ANN) illustrates how DYNA4 can be used to analyze control system behavior in virtual test drives. The approach can be used equally well for many other control systems.



Physical real-time simulation of ADAS sensors

For automated and real-time capable test of ADAS control unit functions the simulation environment DYNA4 provides a new method of physical sensor simulation. Cost-effective standard PC computers with graphics cards can be used to perform the simulations.


System Simulation

Audi: Enterprise simulation environment for energy management in the vehicle

Achieving efficient energy management for the entire Audi vehicle fleet is a cross-department challenge. Many of the questions relating to analysis and optimization can only be answered with the use of simulation.



DYNA4 2.8: Driving on OpenDrive roads, generation of suspension and tires

The new DYNA4 release offers comprehensive usage of the standard road format OpenDrive. Vehicle axles and tires can be generated and validated within an automated process.

Feature overview