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Teach your students the fundamentals of vehicle dynamics and the application of ECUs in the vehicle – using professional simulation tools and based on practical examples. Our simulation programs are used in courses in vehicle dynamics, control unit development and driver assistance systems. As a sponsor, we support Formula Student Teams in the design of their racing cars.

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Suspension simulation for race cars and formula student teams

You can conduct simulations of the complete vehicle using our detailed vehicle models implemented in the DYNA4 simulation framework (or the previous simulation tools veDYNA vehicle dynamics simulation and enDYNA engine dynamics simulation). Students will gain practical experience in the following fields:

  • Easy and quick simulation of vehicle dynamics tests
  • Design of hybrid electric vehicles
  • Investigation of complex driver assistance systems
  • Virtual development and testing of engine control units at the test bench
  • Setup of racing cars

The simulation results are immediately visualized by means of run-time animation. The simulation can be conducted either on a PC or on specific real-time hardware, e.g. in driving simulators. Take advantage of our experience to develop ideas for seminars and course components.

Our Education Program provides individual packages that are customized for the requirements of universities under very favorable conditions. Would you like to learn more?

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