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References: Vehicle Dynamics

PRIMOVE bus propulsion concept, image source: Bombardier 
Bombardier Primove electric city bus: validation through simulation

TESIS DYNAware used simulation to test the interaction between the vehicle dynamics and the electric propulsion system in extreme conditions.

Function development of 4WD controls with veDYNA 
Magna Powertrain: A holistic approach for frontloading in function development of traction and vehicle dynamics control systems

The traction control systems at Magna Powertrain are developed in close cooperation of the full vehicle simulation veDYNA and the road tests.

Iveco Stralis with torsional stiffness of chassis 
Iveco: Simulation of multi-axle trucks for diverse ESP tests

The detailed DYNA4 simulation models for multi-axle trucks not only allow automated ESC testing but also form the prerequisite requirement for simulation based homologation in accordance with ECE R13.

Semi-active suspension component HiL setup. 
SAE paper: Hardware-in-the-Loop technique for development of a semi-active suspension

Simulation based design of a semi-active suspension for an optimum between ride comfort and road holding which maximizes the results in safety and driving pleasure.

DYNA4 modules and external components for driving dynamics and driver are problem-free replaceable 
Audi: Determining the effect of signal errors on the complete vehicle level

The number of different control unit functions and their interactions is continuously increasing. With a customized DYNA4 simluation environment Audi analyzes the effect of faulty input signals on the complete vehicle.

Audi: Multi-ECU HiL system for virtual characteristic assessment of vehicle dynamics control systems

High-end hardware-in-the-Loop systems (HiLs) with a network of all ECUs relevant to the vehicle dynamics allow the virtual assessment of vehicle dynamics characteristics for a wide range of variants.

A Driver Model for Virtual 
Magna Powertrain: A driver model for vehicle control system development

TESIS DYNAware's comprehensive driver model supports tests for the functional safeguarding and application of vehicle control systems at Magna Powertrain.

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